Win Some Steampunk Goggles!

Enter to win a pair of Steampunk Goggles just for posting a review on Amazon!

These saucy, green-lens goggles will beautifully adorn your top hat. Made from upcycled materials by a young Texas artist.

Three steps:
1. Read the book.
2. Post a review on Amazon.
3. Comment here on this post
(can’t contact you via Amazon)

This review has to be at least a few sentences long. That’s more than two. Not just “good book.” Seriously.

When Avalon Revisited reaches 10 reviews (with corresponding comments below), I’ll pick the winner! (Great odds! 1 out of 10!)

So…Read it. Review it. Comment below.
Win some goggles!

It’s so easy.

~ by omgrey on April 20, 2010.

10 Responses to “Win Some Steampunk Goggles!”

  1. I bought it, read it and reviewed it! AWESOME BOOK! (and the goggles are pretty awesome too 😉 )

  2. Finished reading it. LOVED IT. Reviewed it. I posted my review on the kindle listing. It should be up within 48 hours I believe under the name “Briane”. 🙂

  3. I finished your book today and thought it was wonderful. I posted on amazon under JK Sheaffer or Artesia. Thanks for a great read!! Will be looking forward to more of your work.

  4. Okay, Amazon says my review is being processed. It’s under my real name (will DM you so you know who I am). Fun book, and easy for a newbie to steampunk. Also loved the humor.


  5. Snagged your story from Amazon for the Kindle on PC and finished it in one setting. What a twist! This was the most romantic story I’ve read in a long time. I left a review on Amazon. Fantastic. You need to write more…right now…go go…

  6. I posted my review on amazon. It should say Candace on it.
    I really really enjoyed this book and I hope you have some plans for Arthur and Avalon in a future book. This book far exceeded my expectations. I was going to do a review/giveaway but I don’t think I’ll be able to part with it! I’ll be posting on my blog next week, most likely.

  7. Added our review of your book. Great job O.M.! Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Bought, read, reviewed! It’s being processed on Amazon before they post it, or whatnot.

    Seriously LOVED the book. I have to say there were a number of typographical errors — a wrong tense in one place, a repeated paragraph in another — but I was easily able to tune that out and it did not really bother me too harshly. I was too busy trying to figure out who the killer was and when Avalon was finally going to give in to Arthur… 😉

    It was completely delicious. Brava!

  9. I posted a review. Loved it and can’t wait to see more from you! And really, who couldn’t use steampunk goggles?

  10. I posted a review, too! I can’t wait till you come out with your next novel.

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