Steampunk Spotlight: Creative Habits Jewelry

This week on Steampunk Spotlight, let us welcome Cindi Hendrickson of Creative Habits Jewelry:


The intrigue of Steampunk design was born from my recent festivals. The Texas Renaissance Festival and Galveston’s Dickens on the Strand introduced me to Steampunk culture and its accoutrements.

Customers would enter my booth and inquire as to the “gear” pieces I might proffer (many donning incredibly interesting goggles upon a top hat).  Well, what was that all about?  My assistant, Mildred  (a devoted Steamer), explained Steampunk to me.  Having been a  “Dr. Who” fan since the 1970’s (as well as a science teacher), I immediately understood the essence of Steampunk.  But, I did not understand how to design the jewelry.

Procuring the necessary Steampunk jewelry inventory is, in itself, a challenge.  One must search countless websites and resale shops for the appropriate watch works, stampings, and the ever-essential gears… and be adept at combining these seemingly incongruous parts into a harmonious whole.  Thus, my work involves weaving discarded items: intricately engraved watches from the 1800’s, discarded fobs, chains, nostalgic ephemera, gemstones, pearls, and new components (cast or stamped from vintage molds) into a fresh, invigorating jewelry piece.

Although my line is new and limited, I anticipate creating many more inspired pieces.  I hope you find these creations inspiring as well!

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  1. Thanks! If anyone has an enquiry as to a piece on the site or a piece they may want, please email me!

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