Steampunk Spotlight: Silver Leaf Costumes

It’s time for another Steampunk Spotlight! Wow – the last week has just zipped on by!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, you see me often tweet the following:

“For the best #steampunk goggles (& hats) this side of the Atlantic, check out Silver Leaf Costumes on Etsy”

What I haven’t told you in those tweets is that Silver Leaf Costumes also does corsets, bustle skirts, walking skirts, blouses, men’s clothing, and so much more! Let’s take a look at this amazing Steampunk team!

I first found Silver Leaf Costumes during Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, TX. I was immediately drawn into their shop by their beautiful Steampunk display. I especially salivate over their Steampunk Gear Top Hat. I’ll stop yammering now and show you some of their brilliant work.

Check out their faire schedule and catch them on the road. They’ll be in MI, OH, KY, NC, and TX throughout the rest of the year. They are currently at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK. So if you’re in Oklahoma, go over to The Castle at Muskogee. This is the last weekend!

Connect with Silver Leaf Costumes on Facebook, where there are many more photos of what they do – including the RAY GUNS they just started carrying.

☞ Visit the Silver Leaf Costume shop on ETSY. ☜

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~ by omgrey on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Steampunk Spotlight: Silver Leaf Costumes”

  1. Awesome stuff! More to add to my favorites on etsy! I LOVE etsy and spent hours perusing last night. Then spent far too much money! But it’s the best place to buy!

  2. These are truly lovely. What a great Spotlight.

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