Steampunk Spotlight: Rowan of the Wood

Shine that Steampunk Spotlight on Rowan of the Wood! Christine and Ethan Rose have not only written an award-winning fantasy series by the same name, they also have created a line of story-related products like wooden crossbows, vampire slayer kits, and Green Man art. In addition to all this goodness, Christine has started mending broken hearts! Something we all need from time to time.

Read Christine’s guest post below.


It was Wizard World Texas 2007. We had a handful of pre-release copies of Rowan of the Wood. Ethan and I were dressed up like our two main characters, Rowan and Fiana. We were quite the sight! Two new authors full of hopes and dreams.

We learned a lot from that show. Mainly, if you just have a pile of books on a table, not too many people stop to look. People want variety. People want something to browse. This is how we started making our own Rowan of the Wood merchandise.

We began making things based out of the Celtic Mythology on which our books were based. I explored the many faces of the Green Man and made Ogham & Futharc plaques as well. Ethan began handcarving magic wands and crossbows, and then we introduced our Vampire Slayer Kits. (All these items & more can be seen on our ‘Art’ page.) As we did more and more weekend shows, mostly Renaissance Faires and Celtic Festivals, we continued to learn more about our fans and about how to be better vendors.

Surely you’re asking yourself what all this has to do with Steampunk! It was actually at a Renaissance Festival that I first saw the aesthetic in costume and heard the term. After that, I was hooked! I mean–hook, steam, and sinker–hooked. We’re even writing a Steampunk chapter into the forthcoming third book of the series, Fire of the Fey.

I started making Steampunk necklaces and earrings, all of which quickly became popular items at our booth. But not even those compare to the popularity of my mended broken hearts and Steampunk animals. These unique items can either be worn as pendants on a chain or choker, or they can also be dangled from a lapel pin from one’s corset or waistcoat. Isn’t it time your heart is mended?

Find us on the road, or perhaps join us on a trip to Scotland next summer!

Not everything is on Etsy, so if you’re interested in one of the Vampire Slayer Kits or other items on our art page, please contact me (Christine) for more information and pricing.

Visit our website & blog or find us on Facebook, and Twitter.

Visit Rowan of the Wood on ETSY. ☜


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