Steampunk Spotlight: EJP Creations

Today’s Steampunk Spotlight is on the unique and beautiful work of EJP Creations. I first saw Edanna’s work over at STEAMED! during their Steampunkapalooza.

Read Edanna’s guest post below.


It is so funny how one seemly unimportant item from your child hood can affect the course of your life. When I was very little my mother made a great push to get a grandfather clock. I have no idea why this became her mission but it was. I remember going to every antique shop in the county with her. On those trips my fondness of antiques was born. At one shop I got to play with a suit of armor, at another I was dressed up with tiaras and baroque pearl earrings. At last the quest was at an end. The clock was picked out and delivered to stand century duty in the hallway from that moment on. Bearing witness to our family events, and ticking away the seconds of our lives together. Easter eggs were hidden in it’s base, sprigs of pine tree were lain across its top at Christmas. When my grandmother visited from England she explained to me why the Westminster chime was called just that, and how I would visit its name sake some day. And those elegant hands sweeping around it’s face every hour. How opulent and ornate they seemed to me. How graceful, yet in their metal workings an edge of the macabre peeked through. This is the birth of my fascination with them, and as I gaze lovely at that grandfather clock today I realize that it’s presence has influenced my life so much more than I could have possibly realized.

Distressed imperial elegance is the main thrust of my current designs. Apocalyptic chic containing all the grandeur of toppled gilded empires, of their opulent treasures covered in dust and rubble. Encased for eons in their forgotten tombs only to be unearthed millennia later, shined up, and repurposed by a mad scientist of a woman wielding a hammer, and a pair of pliers. Using design elements from a bygone time, giving them a modern, urban spin.

I specialize in tiaras, chokers, earrings, necklaces, fascinators, and hair combs with a noir, steampunk, and gothic flair. Creating body adornments with a hint of vampire elegance, a dash of Steampunk bravado, and plenty of Neo-Victorian sensibilities. Perfect for prowling the streets, haunting the clubs, or adding an aristocratic air to any outfit.

For more of EJPcreations on the web please find me at…

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