Steampunk Spotlight: Elizabeth Darvill

Author Elizabeth Darvill is in the Steampunk Spotlight today with a guest post on Steampunk, Romance, & Fashion.


Hello! I am so excited to be here at Caught in the Cogs! Thank you so much for having me here O.M. Grey! Today, I want to talk about weaving steampunk fashion into my books!

I think the beauty of steampunk fashion is that it’s different for just about everyone! Personally I blend a little Goth into my steampunk clothing. As far as when I write it, it varies on my setting, characters and such. There are however a few things I use as staples.

The Corset – Corsets are magnificent garments that provide function and beauty in one lovely garment. I have used corsets in every steampunk book I have written, I used more functional undergarment ones in Spirit Born, because that book needed to be more accurate on Victorian clothing since it is set in 1888 London. In my two steampunk novellas I was able to have a bit more fun, since one is on a different planet and one is an alternate history! So the corsets are there, but they are more sassy and showy and so much fun to write! Also, having the hero unlace your heroine’s corset – – SEXY!

The Bustle – I have once again used everything from the proper wire framed bustle, to the saloon girl bustle over knickers! This item is so much fun to use! I have stuffed all my heroines into one and put them into all kinds of situations in them. Anything that so deliciously accentuates the backside is a wardrobe keeper!

The Harness/utility belt – Most of my heroine’s get some variation of this within the course of their adventures. It only makes sense; I mean you have to store your steam-powered gun somewhere! So why not do it in style!

Past those three pieces all of my heroine’s have had vastly different wardrobes, ranging from proper Victorian to steampunk military to steampunk assassin/saloon girl!

Tell me what steampunk fashion pieces you think are a must! One commenter will win a fun promo pack!

Also – my steampunk romance novella Love in a Time of Steam is releasing as an e-book on July 15th! It is up for pre-order now and I will be having a release party at my website on July 15th @ 6pm MST, so come join in the fun!

Love in a Time of SteamBlurb

Ashlyn hasn’t seen Gray her former lover in five long years. Not since the day he believed her to be a traitor to the military cause they both served.

Now as the volatile nature of their planet is reaching a fevered pitch, and the war over water to run their steam-powered technology is threatening all beings, she must face him once more.

Despite her intense hatred towards Gray, Ashlyn can’t let the father of her child be murdered by General Dagnus, the leader of the opposing army. Risking her life, Ashlyn lays everything on the line to save the man that betrayed her once. As they work together to survive, will they be able to rekindle the passion they once shared?


Thank you for stopping by today, Elizabeth. We wish you the best with your new book!

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2 Responses to “Steampunk Spotlight: Elizabeth Darvill”

  1. Thanks for the insider’s look at story development.

  2. Fashion is so much fun. Thanks for sharing your insights. Now, just where is my corset. : )

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