Steampunk Spotlight: PH Factor

I’m very thrilled to have Hans Meier as my guest on Steampunk Spotlight today. Hans has been very supportive of the book. He even donated some of his fine goggles for a few contests I held back when Avalon Revisited was first released.


About 2 years ago (give or take) I stumbled across the music of Abney Park. I was immediately enthralled by it and commenced to drag all my friends along with me. To my surprise, I found out that they were a local Seattle Band, and that they were even going to be having a show in town, a few months away. I found that it was customary for people to dress up to attend the shows. My friends and I, being costumers mostly, were readily able to put together Victorian (or pseudo-Victorian) garb. What we lacked were goggles. It had been many years since I was even remotely able to be creative, but with joyous emails, I informed all my friends that were going to the show and that I would provide them with goggles to wear for the evening. And with that began a journey that has taken me from Seattle to New Jersey and many other places along the way. A journey that I didn’t–couldn’t–foresee on that fateful night.

When I started making goggles and guns for the public, I figured I would sell one or two a month, on ETSY. I also decided that I would go to some of the (now forming) Steampunk conventions. With every convention I attended, I realized I would have to increase my production….and then I went wholesale. To my (giggling) amazement, my goggles are now found on a number of different websites, not just my own. I have a number of vendors that carry them, and have even been able to add a few store-fronts, even one in San Francisco.

I still do Steampunk conventions now and then, with March and April of next year looking very busy with Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition in Santa Clara, and The Oklahoma Steampunk Exhibition in Oklahoma City, along with whatever orders will come in for the vendors and stores. It’s been an interesting ride, and I’ll hang on to it as long as I can. You can find me and my creations at , yeah… I know…I tried for a .com or .net, but that was the only domain left with my name…

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