New Steampunk Short Story

Readers have asked for more, so here is more.
Of Aether and AeonSo many people these days just don’t have time to read an entire book. Often times they start a book and lose interest before they can really get into it. Between work, kids, bills, housekeeping, chores, and just plain sleeping, when is there time?

Now you can get some yummy Steampunk Romantic Goodness and read it during your lunch hour! While you’re waiting for the kids to get ready. While you’re making dinner… etc.

Little snippets of romance.

For today only, get my new Steampunk Short Story “Of Aether and Aeon” for free just by doing these easy things:
1. Join my FB fan page and leave a message on my wall.
If you’re already a fan, just say hi!
2. Tweet this: Get @omgrey’s #Steampunk #Romance short story for FREE! RT & DM her for Coupon Code
3. DM me on Twitter to ask for the FREE coupon code. If I’m not following you, just send an @reply saying so, and I’ll follow you. Then you can DM me.
4. Leave a comment below and tell a friend if you like, as well.

The coupon code is only good through today. Try to use it tomorrow, and it won’t work.

FREE TODAY ONLY by helping me promote it.


~ by omgrey on August 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “New Steampunk Short Story”

  1. Oh I have been looking forward to this story, and am happy to help promote it.

  2. Really looking forward to reading it, what a nice surprise giveaway. Avalon Revisited was such fun. Glad to pass along the word for you. Cheers, Nancy

  3. Congrats on the new story! This is such a great surprise on an otherwise manic Monday. I’m so looking forward to it!

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