Steampunk Book of the Year

Please take a moment and vote for the Steampunk Book of the Year.

My dear friend Nick Valentino’s book THOMAS RILEY is nominated, so it would be extra special if you voted for his fine book to be 1st place.

The online ballot is rather unique. There are five books nominated, and each book has a drop down menu next to it. Go to the one that says Thomas Riley and choose 1st.

Thomas Riley is an excellent Steampunk adventure novel about two weapon designers who do some bad alchemy. They have to cross over into enemy territory and capture their arch-nemesis to set things right. And there are sky pirates, too!

Please help Thomas Riley win this honor. Only vote once and tell all your friends/networks to vote, too. Voting ends at 11:59pm Dec. 21st.

Follow Nick Valentino on Twitter.

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Leave a comment below stating that you voted for any of the five books, and I’ll email you a code to get the updated, extended version of my steamy Steampunk novel Avalon Revisited on Smashwords (various eBook formats, including Kindle, Sony, Nook, and more) for FREE!

~ by omgrey on December 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “Steampunk Book of the Year”

  1. Voted!

  2. Also voted. Looking forward to see who takes 1st place

  3. Voted!

  4. voted!

  5. I voted a while back. Can we vote more than once?

  6. Voted!

  7. Voted!

  8. Voted! Great choices too!

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