For Shattered & Lonely Hearts

Today is Valentine’s Day.

If you possess a shattered or lonely heart, then the last few weeks have probably been rather difficult for you. Everywhere you look you see proclamations of love and romantic gifts…but you have no one to give them to. You know you will not receive those flowers on Valentine’s Day. No one will show up on your doorstep with chocolate. You won’t get that text that simply says, “I miss you. Let’s try again.” You look through the cards on the shelf and find the perfect one for your lost lover, but you don’t buy it. You will not taste your lost love’s lips on that day. You will likely spend it alone, eating too much chocolate or drinking too much beer.

While it seems that everyone around you is in the blissful state of new love, you remain broken. Although it’s not much consolation, you are not alone. Valentine’s Day, for those who are not in love, is a time to remember those blessings in our lives. Our family. Our friends.

“Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” ~Jane Austen

Certainly since my breakup, I have found new and wonderful friends who have helped me through my traumatic grief, and now I feel rather strong. I have a renewed hope. Joy fills my once empty days, and I can write again. I have faced Valentine’s Day without a tear. The pain is gone, although the dull sadness over the loss of a dear friend remains. I suspect that won’t really ever go away. Just lessen, perhaps.

And now my mended heart moves forward to perhaps love again. I’m likely not ready for that, and I will be infinitely more careful next time after being reminded on just how devastating it can be to give yourself to the wrong person, I will fall in love again. I know I will.

You will, too.

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” ~Henry David Thoreau

As the stages of grief finally come to an end for me, I’m feeling rather sentimental. As one tweet said, “Valentine’s Day is just a reminder to us to not lock the love in our hearts away. It is meant to be shared!” (@LlewellynBooks)

I am sharing mine with all of you, including my lost beloved, across cyberspace.

Hope you have a wonderful day full of love and light.


~ by omgrey on February 14, 2011.

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