Gearing Up for Wild Wild West (Pun Intended)

Later today I will arrive in Tucson, AZ in preparation for the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention. I’m thoroughly excited to attend as a Guest of Honor, and I look forward to meeting Cherie Priest. I *loved* Boneshaker. I’m also going to reunite with some dear friends (Nick & Liz) and meet others for the first time in person (Hans of PHFactor & MysticPieces).

It’s taking place at the Old Tucson Studios, a western movie set. In addition to my normal Steampunk ensembles, I’ve got my airship cadet outfit ready, complete with a holstered maverick vampire slayer revolver & wooden bullets that strap on my arm. Oh. There will be pictures.

If I’m really lucky, maybe a smokin’ space cowboy will sweep me off my feet.


Would you rather read a dystopian future steampunk romance or one set in the wild west? Perhaps a mixture of the two?


~ by omgrey on March 3, 2011.

One Response to “Gearing Up for Wild Wild West (Pun Intended)”

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