All-Con = Awe-Some

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun at a fantasy convention. I mean, cons are usually fun, don’t get me wrong, but All-Con in Dallas (March 18-20) held a special kind of joy for me.

I think it must’ve been the R2 units. That and all the cosplay. Then there was meeting an old crush, Captain <sigh> Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, actor Richard Hatch. He was very, very charming.

There were two great photography studios there, Hogarts Photography and Neither Noir Art Shoppe, and they were each taking pictures of congoers in their costumes.  The picture on the left was taken by Neither Noir, and I loved it so much I made it my new Twitter avatar. More pictures of me from Neither Noir can be seen on my Facebook Fan Page.

A definite highlight from All-Con was R2D2. Three different R2D2s were in attendance along with their makers. As soon as I saw them, I let out a high-pitched squeeeee and reverted to the 7-yr-old girl who fell in love with him back in 1977. These R2s were fully functional. They moved and spun around in circles and talked only the way R2 can. I would pat his silver-domed head, and R2 would rock back and forth in delight. Then, after I stepped away, he would roll up close to me wanting more loving attention. Truly, filled my heart with great joy!

Another squeee-worthy, geekgasm moment was when I passed a couple of Stormtroopers in the hallway. They were stopping congoers and checking their convention passes. Then they would say, totally business-like and deadpan, “We work for the Empire, and we’re searching for two missing droids.”


Geek-gasm. Right there in the Crown Plaza Hotel.

I had the great pleasure of being across the aisle from Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart, actors from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. I would watch that show with my dad while I was growing up, and I had a definite school-girl crush on both Capt. Apollo and Starbuck. No doubt. (My dad had the crush on Anne.) It was really cool to meet and talk with them both. Very nice people. Richard even suffered through a fun picture for me.

Something new to me: Japanese Dolls. Several congoers were carrying around beautifully crafted Japanese (or Korean) dolls. They pay anywhere from $350 – $800 (!!!) for these dolls, and then pay even more to dress them up in outfits. One girl had a beautiful doll with a Steampunk arm, and she told me she paid $50 to get her arm all Steampunk’d up. I could totally do that. Perhaps a new service to support my fiction habit. xo


Okay, the one on the right isn’t a Japanese doll, but a Stormtrooper in a Jayne Cobb hat? How cool is that!!!

Then, of course, there was just general, all-around HOTNESS. Truly, there is something about a man (or in this case, men) dressed like he just stepped out of a saloon. <sigh> And…yum!

This is just a sampling of images. For more pictures from All-Con, please visit my Facebook photo album.

This was my first All-Con, but it most certainly will not be my last.

This weekend: AggieCon where I’ll be doing a reading from Avalon Revisited as well as talking on various panels about Steampunk, Firefly, and Dr. Who. (Tardis! Take me away!) AggieCon’s 2011 guest of honor is Catherynne Valente! I’m very excited about meeting her. She wrote the best zombie short story *ever* – “The Days of Flaming Motorcycles”

BTW…it’s bigger on the inside.


~ by omgrey on March 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “All-Con = Awe-Some”

  1. I have enjoyed the pleasure of Richard Hatch’s company, on the mic with my SURVIVAL GUIDE TO WRITING FANTASY, as a guest at conventions, and as a co-writer when he agreed to write for SO SAY WE ALL from Ben Bella Books. he’s a guy with a lot of stories to tell, both good and bad.

    Nice picture there, Olivia. :^) Awe-some, indeed!

  2. This Con sounded just incredible!! This is one I may have to make it to next year.

    Since you’re making the Con circuit this year, are you going to be in Seattle for SteamCon III ? That would be awesome if you made it up here for it? Would love to hear you do a reading.

    Thanks for another great Con post!!!

  3. This was an incredible con. No doubt. As for Steamcon III, it depends on whether or not they invite me. Feel free to suggest me as a guest. 🙂

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