Hungry Like the Wolf

It was 1984 when I first heard the song “Hungry Like the Wolf.” That was it. After that, I was sold. I was a full-blown Duranee. I put Duran Duran Dominates on my clarinet case, and the kids at Huntsville High School did not know what to make of me. Because in 1984 Huntsville, TX, no one knew who Duran Duran was. They had hardly even heard of MTV.

That’s all beside the point, however.

“Hungry Like the Wolf” was a highly suggestive video, and although my 14 year old self didn’t really get all of it, I certainly learned a thing or two in the coming years. 

I lost my virginity rather young. 15. I still remember the date: January 19, 1985. What girl doesn’t remember the date of her first time? Although that first time was certainly an experience, it was mostly painful. But it was fun nonetheless. For a young girl of 15, I didn’t feel sexual desire yet, not in the way I do now. Sex was fun, but it wasn’t hot. Yet.

It wouldn’t be until years later that I experienced true sexual desire and just how much feelings of intense sexual desire can cloud one’s mind and reason. There is nothing quite like the intoxication of sexual desire.

Certainly for men, the joke always is that all the blood is rushing southward, so there’s nothing left in the brain. And I think it is similar for women when that intense desire consumes one’s body and mind.

Reason goes right out the window.

I’ve now been sexually active for 26 years, and there are still times when sexual desire will overrun my reason. I have made some pretty bad decisions over the years because of love and sex, and I’ve been lucky more than once because I didn’t use protection when I was younger.

I knew girls who got pregnant in High School, and I’ve known *several* people who have contracted incurable STDs. Unfortunately, I’ve lost dear friends to AIDs. So, if you’re sexually active, it is very important to have condoms with you at all times. Don’t be caught without one, because the desire to move forward anyway is really too great when two people are on the verge. And a few hours of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of disease or an unplanned pregnancy, no matter how great the sex.

Protect yourself and protect your partner.


~ by omgrey on May 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “Hungry Like the Wolf”

  1. Wow. Hungry Like the Wolf…back when music videos were KEY in the success of a song. When a great music video could make a mediocre song a hit and a bad music video could kill a great song…

    Now, music videos are just kinda…meh.

    Granted, that wasn’t the point of your column…but it does have me pining for those days of “video killed the radio star” days…

    • Oh yes! Those early days of MTV were most certainly golden. I had it all worked out, being the Durannie I was, that if Alan Hunter was VJing (’cause he loved DD), Duran Duran would play every 2.5 hours. I’d stay up watching videos and catch one at midnight, and then I’d stay up until 2:30 to see the next one. I LOVED MTV back then. It definitely changed in the nineties. And now, it’s completely unwatchable to me. There were some amazing videos in the 80s, and DD took the cake with their exotic locations, etc. And how about the extended “Thriller” and “Modern Love.” The good ol’ days.

  2. Watching the Girls on Film music video in Brasil certainly did it for me as a young boy in the late 80s. Yeah… blood did rush southward. Just saying. Love Duran Duran. Good post, as always.

  3. You and I are about the same age, and I too remember seeing that video (one of my friends had that new-fangled cable TV). 😉

    Although I have to say I don’t remember the date of my first time at all. Not even the month, and I had to think a bit to recall how old I was at the time, lol.

  4. A great post; both from a nostalgia POV as well as a “don’t be stupid” POV. I think we’ve all “gotten lucky” in terms of health & welfare, in spite of a bad choice at least once.

    • Except for those who weren’t so lucky from a single bad choice…and they are out there. But yes, I agree. I’ve gotten lucky many times when I was younger. Thanks for your comment!

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