Steampunk Short Story: Songs of Water

Okay. So I’m like 13 days late in getting started on the Short Story Month 2011 thing.


From now until the end of May, I’ll feature a new Steampunk Short Story by an emerging author every Friday.

Today I bring you “Songs of Water” by Anabel Portillo. Beautifully written.

Grains of sand slide between my toes with the softness of time, like abrasive tongues. I walk the shore slowly, lulled by the crash and swish of tireless waves.

The ocean always calls, and I come to it.

Darkness envelops me as I approach the rising tide. The wind snags at my dress, thin cloth on cold skin. It pulls my hair, makes it dance wild around me. I taste the ocean on my lips, salt and bitter, a patient lover of skin.

A few daring stars give shape to the world, infinite sky above inky ocean, me on the soft grey sand as I meet the waves.

They lick my feet, once and again, their cold a shock of pleasure. They become bolder, rising up to soak my dress.

On the rocks, sharp edges to my bare feet, I climb against the irresistible taunts of the wet breeze.

My hair hangs heavy now, the dress clinging to me.

I sit down on a rock, facing the open ocean, black as black, and I wait.

Every day, every night, I wait.

Read the rest of “Songs of Water” at Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders.

Find more of Anabel’s work on her LiveJournal page, & connect with her on Twitter.


What are your thoughts on “Songs of Water”? Let’s chat.

Plus, don’t forget, I have several short stories available to read (or listen to) for free as well.

~ by omgrey on May 13, 2011.

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