Steampunk Spotlight: Master “Bones” Jangle

photo by Steven GilmoreMaster “Bones” Jangle & The Voodoo Island Cannibals put on quite a show. I had the great pleasure of seeing them perform at Aetherfest, Texas’s first Steampunk Convention, last month.

(Taken from their website)

Found stranded, stark naked and painted like a skeleton on a lonely beach at the bottom of a cliff off the coast of Africa by the crew of The Pride of Bedlam. “Bones” is a Shantyman by trade, however the position of Surgeon was the only one available so he accepted and took on his new duties with incredible enthusiasm and although the ship occasionally runs low on crew members there never seems to be a shortage of meat. From his travels in Africa, of which he speaks elusively, “Bones” claims to have been trained in the arts of Voodoo, Shamanism and Witchdoctoring and has developed several recipes for meat that will leave one drooling and begging for more.

“Bones,” on top of being an excellent performer and musician, is a really great guy. Genuine and kind, it was a true pleasure to make his acquaintance, and I look forward to seeing him and his band at many future events. He and Celeste, band mate and now fiance, are planning to get married aboard a pirate ship, and they’re currently in search of the perfect location. If you know of suitable craft, please contact them and let them know.

Connect with Master “Bones” Jangle on Facebook and visit their website for more information and samples of their music (played automatically). Please also “Like” the band’s Facebook page.

Below is a video of “Bones” performing acoustically at A-Kon 21 during a panel, so you can get an idea of their awesome sound. Their normal stage set is much more elaborate.

~ by omgrey on May 24, 2011.

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