Polyamory as an Alternative to Infidelity (Podcast)

The following is the first of a podcast series named after this blog: Caught in the Cogs. I’ll be talking about alternative lifestyles like polyamory and other forms of non-monagamy, relationships, heartbreak, passion, sex, and love. These will start with blog posts and continue with further commentary on the subject at hand.

As this is my first podcast by myself, it is rather bare bones. Please help me become a better podcaster by telling me what you liked and how you think I could improve the podcast. I’m rather nervous, actually. :/

Thank you for listening.

Podcast: Polyamory as an Alternative to Infidelity:

Original blog post here.

~ by omgrey on June 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “Polyamory as an Alternative to Infidelity (Podcast)”

  1. Olivia, enjoyed your podcast immensely. I too advocate the open-lifestyle or forms of polyamory (see my blogs). I too am also a Steamer. A fellow steamer recommended your blog to me; I’m now a subscriber. I will review your entire website here over the next few days. Great stuff & keep up the delightful writing! 🙂

    • How lovely of you to comment, Professor Taboo! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my podcast, as I’m new to podcasting and still rather nervous about it. I will check out your blog as well. Nice to meet you.

  2. This is really good! My husband and I got into a discussion about polyamory when we’d both had a little too much to drink, which might not have been the best moment on reflection, but it did result in more honesty than it might have done otherwise, LOL.

    Although we’ve not opened our marriage at this time (we have children), we have agreed on how we’d go about it when it’s more suitable.

    • Thank you for your comment, Misa! Talking about it when tipsy isn’t such a bad idea. Your inhibitions are lowered and you can be more open with each other. It could be a great way to open up that conversation. The most important thing is that you’ve talked about it, and that’s the first step. Now that door is open, and whether or not you ever cross the threshold, the foundation has been laid. Now you know if something comes up for either of you, you’re comfortable enough to talk about that. Good for you!

  3. Perhaps monogamy and polygamy is not so much life choice as natural tendency? If you want it, you must need it.

  4. […] my new marketing philosophy KISS – Keep It Simple, Seriously. So I dove in, starting with the Polyamory Podcast in the summer of 2011 on my blog Caught in the Cogs, which was an immediate hit. I saw an upswing […]

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