Healing Your Relationship (Podcast)

Episode 4: Healing Your Relationship.

Before you can even think too seriously about talking to your spouse or SO about something as serious as polyamory or other types of non-monagamy, you must first be in a very healthy, honest, and intimate place in your relationship. This podcast gives you some tips on how to start bridging that gap.

Healing your Relationship (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on June 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “Healing Your Relationship (Podcast)”

  1. Another great podcast Grey! You’ve hatched a sticky question from my head…. One of my past open-relationships eventually came to an end due to ‘co-dependency’, perhaps the opposite of non-abandonment. I felt there was too much reliance on me, as if I was turning into a puppet-master. I struggled with this dilemma for many months and subsequently she interpreted my caution as falling out of love. Your thoughts?

    • It is indeed the opposite of abandonment, and it stems from intense abandonment issues. I’ve struggled with co-dependency my entire life, and I know how suffocating it can feel for one’s partner, but I also know how terrifying it is to live it.

      This, again, is a matter of knowing oneself and participating in open communication. If we fall into a pattern of reaction sparking reaction, your fear of being “lost” in your partner causes you to pull away, but without expressing that, the co-dependent will see it as the initial stages of abandonment and react in fear, by trying to hold on tighter. This, of course, will only exacerbate the cycle until it spirals out of control.

      Next week’s episode is on “Healing Yourself,” and talks about the importance to take responsibility for one’s own issues and supporting one’s SO with theirs.

      • You’ve hit the progressions spot on! Just RECOGNIZING these subtle potential time-bombs is daunting, let alone skillfully & maturely managing them constructively! Can’t wait for next week’s episode! Can I get a “special” early screening!? 😉

  2. I enjoyed listening to your Podcast!

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