Steampunk Spotlight: Steam Powered Giraffe

Today on Steampunk Spotlight, I have a special treat for you: a guest post by Sixpence!


The world is hard-pressed for original entertainment. Television has beaten a dead horse, movies bore us with predictable plots, and your music is always better than mine because it did “it” first. I felt apathetic to entertainment of all kinds a few months ago. I knew of a few good movies and a bit of original music, but nothing inspired me. Well, until I saw Steam Powered Giraffe at Tucson Studios for Wild Wild West Con.

My mind was forever blown. I still need to replace bits of it with a couple of cogs after seeing them perform. Steam Powered Giraffe (or SPG to their fan base) are a singing pantomime group that act as quirky and lovable robot performers that were created over 200 years ago. Their names are The Spine, played by Michael Bennett, Rabbit, played by Chris Bennett and The Jon, played by Jon Sprague. They were created by Peter Walter the First, along with a giant Steam Powered Giraffe to beat his rival, but he soon retired to play music.

“Now, hold up. Did you just say singing mimes? Mimes don’t talk.” That’s correct random person who I shall name Steve, not all mimes talk. Though the art form has evolved, Steve, and SPG pushes pantomime to a new level. You forget they are people in makeup. When they perform, you are five years old again. Imagination is real and you believe they run on oil and Crystal Pepsi. They are what Steampunk is to me: Imagination incarnate. On top of all that, they will have you in stitches with laughter and their music is REALLY good. They are family friendly which you don’t see at all anymore. So, all you Steves out there, check them out and buy their wonderful CD.

“Wait one moment, who are you and why should I care??” Good question. My name is Sixpence and I am a mime from Kazooland. A world thought up by the people behind SPG. After I got the crazy idea to steal the famous Kazoo that ended the Great War and a time traveling umbrella, I became a famous con man. My dreams of glory came true. Except for the fact I got caught, only to be saved by Mr. Saturday, my new partner in entertainment and crime. The fun kind of crime. Now we gallivant across dimensions, stopping off wherever adventure takes us!


Thank you so much, Sixpence! Find out more about Mr. Saturday and Sixpence here!

~ by omgrey on June 28, 2011.

9 Responses to “Steampunk Spotlight: Steam Powered Giraffe”

  1. I’ve been playing their album on many a set list for some time. I love their stuff, and two thumbs up for the spotlight!

  2. I love this. Even after tons of drinking it’s still good.

  3. Those guys are a trip! Thanks for mentioning them!

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  5. You got some things wrong here.
    They were created, as of 2013, 117 years ago
    The Spine is portrayed by DAVID Michael Bennett
    Otherwise, decent review.

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