10 Years From Now?

A very dear friend once told me that when deciding whether or not to do something, he would say to himself “What will I remember in ten years?”

And I think this is very wise.

I often think of the future when making decisions. I try to live my life with few regrets, and I would still very much rather regret something I did than something I didn’t do. There is at least a little comfort in knowing you tried. Especially when it comes to love.

I give my heart, perhaps a little too freely, when someone special enters my life, for it happens far too rarely. And it’s usually over far too soon. In fact, it’s always over far too soon. But the time spent, however little, and the love shared is so worth the pain that follows.

So as another romantic relationship comes to an end, with all the heartbreak that brings, I will remember the love in 10 years. The pain will have long faded, but the memory of what we shared will still be strong.

And I will still cherish every moment.

And I will still be grateful for every kind word.

And I will remember the love with joy.

~ by omgrey on July 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “10 Years From Now?”

  1. I think you and I are a lot alike. I too love and trust too soon and so when the fall comes, whether it is sooner or later, it still feels as though I am drowning slowly.
    Its a horrible feeling but eventually I reach the surface and I can embrace the memories that weren’t involved in that suffocating loss.
    And that is sometimes worth it in the end. Sometimes.

    • Yes. Not always. I’m hoping this time it’s worth it. I guess only time will tell. Funny, this post started out to be a very different post, until I got the news yesterday.

  2. To live single, or not? To live scared, or not? Who is to say which is better? Alfred Lord Tennyson proposes “Tis better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all.” Perhaps. It depends on how narrowlyor how broad “love” is being defined. Romantic love only is a very narrow definition. Grey, you & I define love in an unconventional way (which FORTUNATELY is a growing trend!) that includes the emotional & spiritual.

    Why not live both ways; even OUTSIDE the box? Why limit yourself? I’ve said it before, the greater your diversity of loving — certainly including how many & how intensily — can only make you a wiser, BETTER lover. That principle applies in many other aspects of life, e.g. financial investments, academia, to name just two. The more you love, the more frequent you’re vulnerable, but the stronger & more articulate your love becomes. And that is by far a winning fulfilling life.

    Great stuff again Grey! Thank you!

    • Thank you, prof. As for this loss, yet to be seen, I suppose. Heartbreaking loss. So many dreams and hopes crushed in an instant. And the emotions are running from scared to sad to angry to confused to hopeful. I’m sick, actually.

      • I’m sorry for your temporary dashed hopes & dreams; never prefered I know. But adversity = opportunity. You are & will be a wiser stronger lover. You will see. 🙂

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