Sex as a Gift (Podcast)

Episode 14: Sex as a Gift.

Too many people in our society devalue sex, and it’s unfortunate because, ultimately, sex is a beautiful gift. Get a woman’s perspective as to why.

Sex as a Gift (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on August 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sex as a Gift (Podcast)”

  1. Great podcast Olivia. I am a bit curious about who laughed at you when you told them sex is a gift. It is especially sad given they probably haven’t ever had a sexual encounter that was special enough to be considered as such.
    I really enjoy your podcasts and your blog posts. You have so much wisdom to share.

    • The man who laughed at me has been with over 300 women, mostly casual, emotionless encounters. He likens it to drinking a cup of tea. Quite sad, really. Although I’m sure he’s had some special encounters with some long term partners, I find that men in general find sexual activity much more casual and like sport than they do the gift that it truly is.

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