Breaking the Betrayal Bond (Podcast)

Episode 18: Breaking the Betrayal Bond.

Sometimes called Stockholm Syndrome, a betrayal bond is an inexplicable bond one makes with his/her abuser. Until that bond is recognized and broken, the victim of abuse cannot heal or move forward. Often times, we see the periods between abuse as kindness, and we start to empathize with our abuser. It is very important to recognize this pattern and break it. For links to helpful books and the quotes from the sources spoken about in this podcast, please visit the original blog post.

Breaking the Betrayal Bond (Podcast)

Original Blog Post

~ by omgrey on September 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Breaking the Betrayal Bond (Podcast)”

  1. There is so much truth here. And I hear every word. *hugs you*

  2. having your own money, and enough of it, is the best way to physically leave. But the emotional scars remain and are very, very very very very very challenging.

  3. My abusers practice Gaslighting.

  4. this was very good, thanks for sharing and for your blog.
    My betrayal bond are from a abusive church…Im struggling to work threw..very painful.

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