Steampunk Spotlight: Artifice Club

Today’s Steampunk Spotlight shines on the amazing Artifice Club and their founder, the fantabulous DJ Doctor Q.

From their Facebook Fan Page:

“The Artifice Club is a collection of like minded individuals who gather together on a seasonal basis for a variety of reasons. For some, the chance to share stories of travels far and wide, or to exchange designs and plans for the latest inventive gadget. For others it is a place to see and be seen by their peers, and to hob nob among those of like interests. Regardless of form or desire, the Club is founded as an open ground for those who have one foot in the past, one in the future, and no thought to the present.All who share the love of retro-futurism may apply, and our social events will breathe fresh life into the mundane doldrums that is the present day.”

The Artifice Club is about building community, about working together toward a common goal. They put on entertaining events throughout the year. Their next event is the 2nd Annual Mechanical Masquerade, which just happens to be scheduled for my birthday, November 12th. Even though I am a 16 hr drive away, I will do everything I can to get there! What a better way to spend my 42nd than with The Artifice Club and DJ Doctor Q!

“Dr. Quincy Erasmus Quartermain, or simply Doctor Q, is an eccentric adventurer of ever-increasing renown.  Having a doctorate in fringe fields of theoretical philosophy and experimental engineering, his current plot to achieve mass hysteria through event production is off to a wonderful start.” (from The Artifice Club website)

Personally, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Q. He is one of my dearest friends and my very own personal muse. During the past year, where our acquaintance quickly moved into a deep friendship, he has not only been a supportive and patient friend on a personal front, but he has also kept me inspired and writing. When my focus wanes, Dr. Q is always ready with a handful of story ideas that get my creative juices flowing again. Some of his story seeds have turned into “Dead Mule Crossing,” published by Pill Hill Press; “Dust on the Davenport,” part of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences’ Tales from the Archives series (and now part of their 99 Penny Dreadful Kindle series, too); a yet untitled short story that will be in a Ravenous Romance Steampunk Anthology; and two Steampunk retellings of Grimm’s Fairy Tales: “The Tragic Tale of Doctor Fausset,” based on “Briar Rose,” and “Hannah & Gabriel,” based on “Hansel & Gretel,” both to appear in the Caught in the Cogs Anthology to be released in December 2011.

O. M. Grey and DJ Doctor Q

Additionally–I’m so very excited about this–we are working on a novel together this fall. His unique ideas and vivid imagination mixed with my dark mind and darker prose, we should have created a fine Steampunk novel by the end of the year.

“He is also a well versed Master of Ceremonies and Event Producer.  He has come highly praised from his visits of the semi-the annual meeting of the Society of Morally Ambiguous Rogues and Time-travelers (“They’re S.M.A.R.T.!”), and other such obscure organizations vouch for his skills, wit, and charm to no end, though none have gone so far as to go on record.  He also takes time to pen articles and serve as the Media Editor for the Steampunk Chronicle.  As if this were not enough, he serves as the Senior Director of Arts and Entertainment for the amazing steampunk and alternate history convention, AnachroCon.” (from the Artifice Club website)

And…to top it all off…he is a fantabulous DJ to whose tunes I had the pleasure of dancing at the Steampunk World’s Fair this past May. He is available for Steampunk Events around the country for the 2012 season, and I hope to be cutting a rug with him again soon. (Did I mention he’s a great swing dancer, too? Is there anything the man cannot do?)

Do friend Doctor Q on Facebook and The Steampunk Empire, also follow him on Twitter (@DJDoctor_Q). You can also find the Artifice Club on both Facebook and Twitter as well.

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  1. I love you so much right now. I mean, always. But right now I’m all misty.

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