Steampunk Spotlight: Ostlund Custom Works

Today the Steampunk Spotlight shines on the unique home decor and jewelry of Ostlund Custom Works.

Ron Ostlund, Jr., owner and artist behind Ostlund Custom Works, makes all of his unique home decor and jewelry out of repurposed materials.

 You can enter to win this beautiful clock over at Zouch Magazine and read an article on the artist called “The Shining Light of Steampunk.”

About Ron’s work in the artist’s own words:

“I strive for the best quality of build that I can do without over processing or over thinking it. Raw is what I love, each piece has qualities that make it an individual! No piece is the same even if it has a similar appearance. These peices are truly handmade!   I want to provide people with art they are proud to own!  I want each piece to speak to someone, and for it to have a special place in their home and heart!  Out of the warmth of wood and the coldness of metal comes true Beauty!  Handcrafted out of a passion for life, art and unique style comes Ostlund Custom Works!” (taken from the Ostlund Custom Works website)

Find Ron Ostlund & Ostlund Custom Works on Facebook & on Twitter.

To buy some of this fabulous work, please visit his website or…

Visit Ostlund Custom Works on ETSY. ☜


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~ by omgrey on October 4, 2011.

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