Protecting Your Heart (Podcast)

Episode 23: Protecting Your Heart.

Falling in love is intoxicating. There is no doubt. Our brains are full of those euphoric love chemicals and we feel full of life. And by all means, do fall in love, but just protect your heart for a few weeks at the very least, if not for a couple of months. Trust takes time to build. People often are not very honest at the beginning of relationships, putting their best foot forward and all. Be sure that their actions back up their words. Be sure they can be trusted with your heart. Be sure they are worth of your love because they have integrity and are honest. You are worth the wait. You are worth the effort, and if they don’t think so, they are not worthy of you.

Protecting Your Heart (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on October 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “Protecting Your Heart (Podcast)”

  1. Perfect advice. You couldn’t have recorded it 9 months earlier, could you? 😉

  2. You have no idea how much this hit home with me. I’ve had my heart broken this week & am bouncing between denial, anger, bargaining, etc. Wish I had heard this podcast last March when I met her. Thank you for posting it.

    • I’m so sorry, Tim.
      If it’s any consolation, I wrote this before falling in love with the man who utterly destroyed me. He not only broke my heart, but he shattered my trust, safety, and sexuality when he raped me. So, even knowing this ahead of time sometimes isn’t enough.

      It will be for me now. But, then, I’m done with new romance and sex for now. Perhaps, forever.

      If you want my advice, don’t turn away from your grief. Don’t try to escape it or bury it in a new love. Turn into it. Feel it fully. Experience the pain and anger and denial. Do it right. Learn. Because if you don’t learn this time, the universe will feel it necessary to give you another lesson, and next time it will be a harder one.

      Sending my love and best wishes to you during this horrible, painful time. May your heart heal and be stronger for it. May it find a partner who is worthy to hold it.


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