Fear of Abandonment Can Lead to Infidelity (Podcast)

Episode 24: Fear of Abandonment Can Lead to Infidelity.

We all fear abandonment, some of us fear it more deeply than others, but the thought of being alone can be very scary. And that fear can cause us to clam up, keep things inside because we’re too scared of what will happen if we talk about our fears. But that is exactly what you must do with your spouse or SO. Open up. Communication. Share your lives, your fears, your dreams. Through this communication, anything is possible. This is how you build intimacy. This is how you build security, and this is how you ease those fears.

Fear of Abandonment Can Lead to Infidelity (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on November 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fear of Abandonment Can Lead to Infidelity (Podcast)”

  1. Good words. I feel this often. I would have my husband read this to understand me more but with the word infidelity in the title I don’t need to worry him more. We just had a long over due talk this morning and I let out alot of my fears and he helped me create a game plan to tackle these things bothering me. Also got some things out that had been causing friction between us this last week. Stresses of moving, work and money are always more or less a problem but not to take it out on your partner is always the right thing to do. We must stand shoulder to shoulder.

    • Absolutely! You must work together as a team. No doubt. After a few day think about sharing this with him again. Warn him about that word & reassure him that’s not where it’s going. Note: *can*, not will…

      I’m so happy to hear you’re sharing your fears, and even happier to hear that it’s bringing you closer together.

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