Steampunk Spotlight: Steam Heat by Elizabeth Darvill

The following is a guest post by the lovely Elizabeth Darvill.

I’ve always had a love for anything dark and paranormal, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, you name it, I love it! So when I started writing, paranormal was a natural choice. In the last few years I’ve also become a huge lover of anything steampunk. So instead of giving up my paranormal roots to write steampunk, I just blended the genres.

With Steam Heat, I wanted to write a really sexy paranormal/steampunk erotic story that was filled with lots of action… both in and out of the bedroom. I however, didn’t intend for it to be a ménage a trio’s story. My sassy steamer engineer Jez just couldn’t keep her hands off my heroin Angel and thus… all my main characters had to learn to share! I’m not complaining it made it a much sexier, fun story, but it just goes to prove, I have NO control over my characters! They are so very naughty and I love it!

Here is a little taste of what my naughty characters, Ian, Angel and Jez are getting into in Steam Heat:

In a world of speed steamers, poisoned air and soulless paranormal beings, two people hold the fate of millions in their hands—and their bodies….

As a half-succubus, Angel needs energy from sex to live. The temporary fulfillment she gets from strangers is nothing compared to the erotic encounters in her linked dreams with Ian, the man whose soul she shares. Lately the dreams have become more intense and intoxicating, which can mean only one thing: she and Ian are dying, just like the magical crystal that purifies the city’s air. Only by making love in person and joining their split soul can they heal both themselves and the crystal.

Yet despite Ian’s amazing sexual prowess, Angel doesn’t want to give up her other lovers, like sassy steam engineer Jezebel. Can they resolve their differences and continue sharing a bed to save themselves—and the world?

A little about me: When I’m not painting my nails black or lacing up my corsets I love weaving all the dark and twisted paranormal facts I digs up into sexy, action packed stories.

I frequently travel around the country bringing tidings of corsets and goggles as I sell my books and spreads the good news of steampunk, one book at a time.


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