Yummy Birthday Treat!

This was the best birthday EVER!

Not only did my Kickstarter fund (YAY!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!), but I also got to hang out with my amazing husband and some of my dearest friends from Airship Isabella all weekend (not to mention host them in my home).

I had a peppermint mocha, which is always a treat.



Yep. Best Birthday EVER!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter Project, everyone who send me birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, all the wonderful hugs I got in person at Comic Con (special treat to see Sixpence, Chris Holm, Genevieve, Robert Stikmanz, Amanda Kimmerly, and Virgina…who also snapped this awesome picture of me with <sigh> James Marsters).

~ by omgrey on November 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Yummy Birthday Treat!”

  1. Lucky you, squee indeed!

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