Steampunk Spotlight: Airship Ambassador

Today’s spotlight shines on Airship Ambassador and the amazing work of Kevin Steil.

I met Kevin on Twitter (@AirshipEmbassy), and like most people in the Steampunk community, he has always been very kind and supportive. So I decided it was long past time to spotlight what he does so well.

Airship Ambassador is a website dedicated to all things Steampunk. From breathtaking artwork on the “gallery” page to a near-comprehensive list of Steampunk literature, Kevin certainly has done his homework! The site also contains a blog, resources, events, and a store where you can buy Steampunk books at a discounted price.

From the first stop on his home page, visitors can read several definitions of Steampunk from a variety of sources, keep up with Steampunk messages from around the world, see the top Steampunk news, and learn about the Steampunk Aesthetic from The Steampunk Scholar, Mike Perschon.

Kevin also has a collection of interviews from VIPs in the Steampunk Community, including Ay-leen the Peacemaker, Nick Valentino, Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris, and Scott Westerfeld, among many others.

Connect with Airship Embassy on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to bookmark Airship Ambassador and subscribe to his blog so you can be current on all that’s happening in this growing Steampunk community.

~ by omgrey on November 22, 2011.

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