Steampunk Spotlight: New O. M. Grey Books

Behold the beautiful new cover for my forthcoming anthology Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection, designed by the amazingly talented J. R. Fleming of the Airship Isabella.

Both the paperback version of the anthology, containing a dozen short stories, thirteen poems, and twenty-six relationship essays, and the YA Steampunk Paranormal Romance The Zombies of Mesmer will be available via NEXT WEEK!

That’s right.


About Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection:

In the midst of war, a beautiful young officer finds love aboard an airship…

A woman steals away to fulfill her desire with a phantom lover…

A group of thieves seek out a town of women to satisfy their lustful urges, but these ladies have an agenda of their own…

PLUS nine more short stories, Angsty love poetry, and twenty-six relationship essays considering topics such as alternative lifestyles, deepening intimacy, opening communication, abusive relationships, and how to end a relationship with respect.

Steampunk fairy tales, maddening horror stories, steamy erotic fantasies, and more…

About The Zombies of Mesmer:

Follow Nicole Knickerbocker Hawthorn (Nickie Nick) as she discovers her destiny as The Protector, a powerful vampire hunter. Ashe, a dark and mysterious stranger, helps Nickie and her friends solve the mystery behind several bizarre disappearances. Suitable for teens, enjoyed by adults, the story is full of interesting steampunk gadgets, mad scientists, bloodthirsty vampires, and mesmerized zombies. This paranormal adventure is sure to appeal to fans of Boneshaker, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Vampire Diaries.

The Zombies of Mesmer is a Gothic Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel set in Victorian London.

My fabulous editor, Muffy Morrigan, had this to say about The Zombies of Mesmer:

Nickie is the perfect vampire slayer for the post-modern world. A prim Victorian girl, just coming of age by day, a plucky and touchy defender by night—she is the perfect package, all rolled up into a propoer corset.

The Zombies of Mesmer was the kind of book one should never begin at bedtime. Not just because it has a perfectly tuned choir of creepiness, but because once started you cannot put it down!

Look out Buffy, there is a new slayer in town. She is every bit as tough, resourceful and kick-ass—in a full corset.

If The Zombies of Mesmer is the new trend in vampire novels, I have hope for the genre again.

You can order your Author-Signed copy of either (both) right here, right now, and it will be shipped to you in time for Christmas.

>>Buy Author-Signed paperback of The Zombies of Mesmer<<

>>Buy Author-Signed paperback of Caught in the Cogs: An Eclectic Collection<<

If you prefer to read books on your Kindle, Nook, or other electronic device, you can purchase The Zombies of Mesmer on the Kindle via Amazon, or order an eCopy of either book from me directly. Be sure to specify format of delivery (PDF, mobi for Kindle, or ePub for Nook/Sony):

>>Buy Cogs eBook<<

>>Zombies eBook<<

Thank you all for your support! (Please share on your networks and with your friends)

~ by omgrey on November 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Steampunk Spotlight: New O. M. Grey Books”

  1. Gorgeous cover art!

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