The Joy of Sex

It must’ve been in the early 80s when I found The Joy of Sex on the bookshelf at a local bookstore. I pulled it from the shelf and flipped through the pages, my pre-pubescent self wide-eyed and a little embarrassed at the pictures I saw. I had known, after all, the basic concept behind it, as my mother had had the talk with me, but seeing it there in black and white drawings made it all kinds of real, kinda gross, and a little scary. But I still couldn’t pull my twelve-year-old eyes away from  those pictures, except of course to flick them this way and that every few seconds to see if an adult would catch me looking at something so naughty.

Three years later, at the age of fifteen, I lost my virginity, and I’ve been basking in the joy of sex ever since.

As I’ve gotten older, more and more hang-ups and inhibitions have fallen by the wayside, which has only served to heighten the joy of sex. In my mid-twenties, I started studying the more sacred side to sex. While exploring aspects of spirituality outside the traditional (and culturally mandated) Judeo-Christian paths, I delved into various pagan and eastern traditions. In many of them sex is a way to tap into the divine nature of being.

From pagan practices of a man and woman coming together to symbolically represent the god and goddess to Tantric Sex where one can glimpse The Divine though love-making and the profound connection that is possible, albeit rare, between two people. Through my own sexual experiences and spiritual journey, I view sexuality and sex with another human being as rather sacred, at best, and at the very least a gift. I don’t take sex lightly. Unfortunately, many men whom I’ve encountered over the past 25 years do take it lightly. They take it for granted. They devalue it. They view it as a conquest. They use it at a means to an end…often using the women right along with it. And yes, certainly not only men behave in this manner. Women do as well.

I have come to pity those wo/men, actually.

They have no idea what they’re missing.

Play and laugh and learn and experiment. Bask in the joy of each other. Allow yourself to delve into a deep level of intimacy with another person, body and soul. Worship them and their body as an incarnation of love and desire and divinity, and let them worship you as well. It is indeed terrifying at times, but only because it is so profoundly beautiful.

~ by omgrey on January 4, 2012.

7 Responses to “The Joy of Sex”

  1. As my english is not very good, I’ll say simply that I’m happy to see a Woman who has understood “everything” about sex : that can be absolutly fabulous between 2 people (woman+man, woman+woman, man+man, …) … and many people have forgotten this : that’s one of the best way to “share” everything with somebody, without mask, lies or anything bad between those 2 people. You can be afraid to “share yourself” as you are but if you find a good person … wahou … maybe some of us aven’t found, as me, the right person, but I’m very very happy to see that somebody as you “ready to find” the right one. So thanks A LOT for your article.

    • Thank you for your comment, Martial! Too too many people don’t understand just how powerful that experience between two people can be. It can be euphoric and divine. Biz! xo

  2. Olivia,

    First I want to say what it’s a pleasure it’s been meeting you and talking with you. Having a chance to sit down and talk with you a number of times this weekend in Dallas was great. You are one of the sweetest and most intelligent people I’ve ever met and the steampunk community is a better place for having you.

    This article is very thought provoking. Sex is not something to be entered into lightly by any means. If not for the emotional part of the process, but the possibility of disease is always something to consider. Too many people are willing to throw caution to the wind and indulge without care of the consequences.

    I’d love to sit and chat with you some more about this next time I see you (Clockwork Con, of course).

    Dan Wright
    Airship Horizons

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