Those Three Little Words (Podcast)

Episode 28: Those Three Little Words (Podcast).

Love. Such a simple word, but too many people avoid it like other four-letter-words. Although a simple word, it certainly does not convey a simple concept. Love is very complex sometimes, although it’s apparant complexity is really just a delusion. Nothing is more natural or beautiful than love, and it is just fear around the word or the intimacy it often suggests that causes people to give pause. The word love in the English language has many meanings from a deep affection or preference for something (I love my dog, I love chocolate) to actually being “in love.” And so many things in between.

Sometime hearing those three little words can make someone’s day. We all need to feel loved, so use it freely. Just ensure the recipient of those powerful words understands your meaning behind them, especially in romantic relationships. It’s perfectly wonderful to express love even before two people are “in love.” Make sure you both are on the same page.

Those Three Little Words (Podcast)

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