Steampunk Spotlight: The Tempest

Steampunk Shakespeare! YEAH, BABY! YEAH!

From their Kickstarter page:

The last of Shakespeare’s comedies, The Tempest is a wonderful tale of magic both real and imagined, of love as a voyage of discovery, of wild things that cannot be tamed.  It’s big and bold and we can’t wait to get started.

And yes, there will be gears. Among other things.

Our plan is to produce a well-considered steampunk take on the classic — more than simply “putting a gear on it.” As such, our budget will be bigger than usual.

Our Prospero will be an illusionist, the product of a late 19th Century that resembles history, but only just.  His magic will be borne of electricity and steam.  Exiled from Milan, his known world, our wizard will engineer a mechanical world of illusions.  At his side is Ariel, the embodiment of energy unbound, like electricity alive.  His Miranda is just as brilliant as her father, empowered further by hope and joy.  And sharing the island is Caliban, nature itself, doing Prospero’s bidding only until he can find a newer, better, stronger master.

North Fulton Drama Club (NFDC for short) is a non-profit and while the proceeds from one show typically funds the next show … for Spring 2012, we’re going to need a little help.


We’re North Fulton Drama Club and we do Shakespeare, outdoors, for free. We’ve been doing this for almost six years. We believe that theater can be accessible to any and all, so long as we stay true to the text.  To that end, we’ve taken the works of William Shakespeare to some very unexpected places.

We do big ideas with small budgets.  The works of William Shakespeare are incredibly malleable, and so long as we remain true to the text, there is nothing we cannot do and nowhere we cannot go.

We took Much Ado About Nothing to World War II, our Benedict a hero returning home to a reluctant Beatrice.  Our Macbeth drew the ire of a Marie LeVeau-esque Hecate deep in the Louisiana Delta.


Donate to their Kickstarter project. SO COOL!

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