Steampunk Spotlight: Steam Powered Giraffe, Take 2

Me & The Rabbit


Last time I posted a Steampunk Spotlight on Steam Powered Giraffe, I hadn’t yet seen them live. In fact, it was a guest post by my dear friend Sixpence the Mime.

This time as I write about these amazing men, I’m quite enamored.

I confess: I have a total crush on The Rabbit. (Let’s pretend just for a few minutes that he’s not young enough to be my son. Hello Ms. Robinson! Cougar crossing!)

I mean, serious crush.

But, that aside. Steam Powered Giraffe as a musical group of unique entertainers simply blew me out of my spats. Not only are their songs charming, both lyrics and melodies, but the way they’re performed is unsurpassed. Their gorgeous three-part harmonies takes one back to a simpler time and fills one’s ears with pure beauty.

On top of musical excellence, these talented men, The Rabbit (Chris Bennett), The Spine (brother, David Bennett), and The Jon (Jon Sprague), perform it as if they were automatons for the audience’s (and especially my) delight. Their robotic movements are impeccable, right down to the way their jaws move while they sing. It’s perfectly executed from beginning to end, a complete show with a back story and everything. Vaudeville style.

A lovely example of their ability to beautifully harmonize is above in their new video “Honeybee” on YouTube (find more music on their official YouTube channel SpineRaptor)

Since seeing them live at HRM Steampunk Symposium and then the next weekend at Clockwork Con in Austin, TX, I’ve listened to their “Album One” CD nonstop. Amazing. Truly.

My favorite song is “Brass Goggles,” followed closely by “Electricity is in My Soul.”

You can hear some of their music for free on their MySpace page, but please support these amazing entertainers by purchasing their CD on iTunes, Amazon, or from their website. Another way to support the band is to donate to their 2012 2-cent tour Kickstarter. Some wonderful rewards there.

You will not regret it.

~ by omgrey on February 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “Steampunk Spotlight: Steam Powered Giraffe, Take 2”

  1. Wow, I was totally mesmerized by the video as well as the harmonies. Thanks for spotlighting these guys, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

    Yup, love it, gonna buy it. 😀

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