Poem: Look Into My Eyes

“Look into my eyes,”
He would say to me.
Exploring Sacred

“Look into my eyes,”
As our bodies danced,
Mingling of our souls,
Put me in a trance.

“Look into my eyes,”
As he’d thrust inside,
Gazing down at me
Surging with the tide.

“Look into my eyes”
How I did believe,
When he spoke those words,
That he’d never leave.

“Look into my eyes.
You can trust in me.
Now release your soul;
Give your heart to me.”

“Look into my eyes,
Don’t see what’s truly there.
Believe these loving lies,
Not that I don’t care.”

“Look into my eyes.
Now I’m in control.
Look into my eyes,
While I rape your soul.”

~ by omgrey on April 22, 2012.

11 Responses to “Poem: Look Into My Eyes”

  1. Spooky! Sounds like several women I have met and been used by.

  2. Hearing this live made it hit deeper and harder. Wow; still chokes me at the end. Raw vulnerability is a beautiful gorgeous choice, but given only to those who deserve it as well as cherish it. Thank you for sharing this Grey! 🙂

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