Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast)

Episode 38: Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast).

Compersion is a word coined for the polyamorous lifestyle meaning to find happiness when your partner is happy or experiencing joy rather than feeling jealous about it. It is indeed a choice. Jealousy does not just go away on its own, as it was taught to us in society, but we can make a choice to deal with the roots of our jealousy and choose compersion instead.

Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on April 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Jealousy vs. Compersion (Podcast)”

  1. Is it possible to be in love with someone in a poly relationship and not have the sex. Sex seems to complicate matters; and while I do like it, I feel more vulnerable putting myself out sexually.

    I can feel the happiness of my friends when they have just found a new love, just as I can grieve for them when they have loss. Jealousy is a nasty beast I try to keep out of my life on all counts. I do however like the concept of Compersion, being with someone that close that you feel their joys and smile when they smile; that should bring nothing but happiness.

    BIG HUGS to you


    • Hugs back.

      Yes. Totally possible to be in love without sex. And, agreed, sex complicates things. especially if engaged in too soon. It can create a false sense of intimacy.

      Compersion is certainly what I strive towards.


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