Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast)

Episode 41: Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast).

The best advice I can give you is the same advice I’ve been given again and again, and have promptly ignored because I was swept up in passion.

Take your time. Protect yourself. Open your heart to love, but keep your eyes open as well.

Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast)

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~ by omgrey on July 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Building a Romantic Relationship (Podcast)”

  1. It isn’t that they say “this will hurt my beloved, but fuck’em!” The reality is that they say, “this is good for me” and they never ever consider anyone else.

    You are not the only person who presents their real self to the world. Others do. I do. The thing is, the world can’t handle the truth. They are so used to facades, they can’t imagine seeing anything else. If you show them what is real, they are sure that you are lying. And they will try to peek under the mask. The irony is that they will distrust you because you were honest with them.

    Human beings are just fucked up.


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