Advice from the Buddha

Taken from the post Was Buddha a Bad Father?

A) Never tell a lie. Anyone who can tell you the slightest of lies is also capable of any evil.
B) For every physical, verbal, emotional, and mental action you take, FOCUS before, during, and after to make sure nobody is getting hurt.

Just found this blog today. Extremely well-written with some awesome advice, although I don’t agree with everything he says, much of what I’ve seen so far is helpful, especially if he adheres to these two principles as closely as I do.

Here are some others:

  • How to Deal with Crappy PeopleMostly great advice.
  • Seven Things Happen When You are Completely Honest I’ve experienced a few of the ones nearer the top.
  • “I Want to Die” – very interesting, especially the post about the guy who just fucked call girls because he didn’t want to deal with any of that emotional stuff. At least it kept him from breaking hearts and using women. Still, not a happy guy if he hung himself. I do like what Altucher says about wanting to die, though. I can relate.

~ by omgrey on July 24, 2012.

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