Safe to Burn

BM2011This will be my 7th burn at BRC. I’ve been a burner for over a decade now, and I consider Black Rock City my home. I have family there. A community: the one community yet to be taken from me.

I’m determined to protect myself while I’m there. I will not give up one more community out of fear.

Unlike the others, this community supports me. This one takes sexual assault very seriously. This one will do whatever it can to protect me from even seeing my assailant, let alone being confronted by him.

It’ll be a very interesting burn to say the least.

I’m also putting up an interactive art installation on the playa called SASS: Sexual Assault Survivors Speak. I got the acronym because when I’d stand up to my ex he’d say, “I love it when you sass me.” I’ve since realized that was a condescending way to say “It’s cute you think you’re my equal.” On this interactive art installation, survivors can write letters to their attackers, name them, post poetry and stories and pictures. It will be burned at the end of the week in a cleansing ritual.

I’m not fucking playing around anymore. I’m taking my life and my safety back.

~ by omgrey on August 15, 2012.

5 Responses to “Safe to Burn”

  1. That first step is always the most difficult. Good for you for taking it!

    • Thank you. 🙂

      It’s getting easier to move forward and protect myself, and I’m taking assertive steps to do so.

      Silent no more.

  2. some people won’t agree with me which is ok. despite all the recent news reports and that i grew up and live in a state where from the time you can walk you are handed a gun and taught how to shoot. if you aren’t against guns, look into taking a handgun safety class. it doesn’t matter if you buy one or not it may help you fell more safe and protected. i know a lot of women who carries a handgun. everyone of them says it makes them feel better knowing they have that as an option if they choose to or need to use that option. it has to be done properly by going to the classes and learning all the safety and responsibility of owning and/or carrying one. you also have to learn how to shot it and there are even courses you can take teaching you how to use it if certain scenarios ever pop up. an option to think about but like i said i’m pro-gun. i own guns and yes they stay loaded. i hope i never see a day i have to use them for protection but knowing i have that option makes me feel safer.

    • I’m not a fan of guns. One wouldn’t have protected me in my assaults. And it won’t protect me at Burning Man. The damage was far more psychological and emotional than physical.

      But, all that considered, I have considered getting one anyway. Anyone that knows me will understand what a drastic statement that is and speaks to the level of fear I have around this man.

      I haven’t gotten one, and I won’t. But I think I will be taking some self-defense classes.

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