Steampunk Spotlight: The Contraptions Revisited

The following is a guest post for the return of Steampunk Spotlight. Enjoy!

Greetings students of the aetheric sciences, ragamuffins, airship pirates, steampunks, and anachronauts! My name is Professor Dimitri von Stadberg, bassist and singer for The Extraordinary Contraptions, a trans-dimensional rock ensemble from Atlanta, GA (round these parts we refer to our fair city as “Terminus”). Ms Grey was kind enough to hand over the controls of her Steampunk Spotlight for a few moments that I might tell you a bit about what we’re up to these days:

After spending the past several months recording, plotting, and crafting in our studio deep in the bowels of von Stadberg Keep, we Contraptions are on the very cusp of releasing our brand new album, The Time Traveler’s constant (not to worry, no bananas or plutonium were harmed in the making of this phonorecord). We can barely contain our excitement! Digital copies have already gone out to our very generous Kickstarter backers and we’ll be releasing digital and physical copies to the general public at our ginormous Dragon*Con album release party on the evening of Thursday, the 30th of August at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. This performance, like all of Dragon*Con’s Thursday programming, is FREE and open to the public. No badge required. Come at 8:30 to see our friends The Aeronauts and Valentine Wolf and stick around to see us hit the stage at 11:30, along with special guests from a number of other notable acts with a steamtastic following. Come one, come all! It will be quite the wondrous spectacle.

Other items of note: concurrent with the new album, we will be launching an all new web site with a plethora of special features. We’re also on the verge of releasing our first “studio” music video to go along with one of the songs from the new album (and we have plans in the works for others to follow). We’re also gearing up to hit the road this Fall, Winter, and Spring, so be on the lookout for contraptulatronic performances coming to a convention, festival, event, or nightclub near you!

From our Facebook bio:
A chemist, a time traveler, a gentleman explorer, and a mad genius join forces… to save the world with their aural odysseys of steam, strife, and romance! The Extraordinary Contraptions, those dimension-hopping rock-and-rollers from Atlanta, Georgia, create a total art centered upon epic songwriting and superb musicianship as they spin their melodical tales from a time that never was. They effortlessly fuse the steampunk aesthetic, a DIY work ethic, and rock and roll sensibilities to offer a unique experience that grows and evolves with each new timestream they visit.

Where to find us:
twitter: @thecontraptions


See their first Steampunk Spotlight here!

~ by omgrey on August 21, 2012.

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