“Legitimate” Rape.

Todd Akin. Republican misogynist. Rape apologist.

I’m sure you’ve heard. If not, please read this: The Rape Skeptic

This man has been trying to limit the definition of rape for decades. He inherently doesn’t trust rape survivors and would rather placate the accused (hmmmm…sounds like a community I know). Rape is rape is rape. “Forcible” rape with a weapon, physical threats, or emotional threats, or manipulation. With or without drugs or intoxication. Crossing boundaries without further consent. Ignoring withdrawn consent. Coercion. Stranger or acquaintance or lover or kin or spouse.

Rape is rape is rape.

Todd Akin perpetuates rape culture. Don’t let him.

Please sign this: http://www.dccc.org/pages/denounce-todd-akin

~ by omgrey on August 22, 2012.

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