Kisses on the Playa

20120901-111912.jpgAlthough it will still be quite some time before I’m riding anything other than a funky art car, Burning Man has been very healing. I’ve had unending support from a *real* community. Even the police in NV are more supportive.

Yesterday I kissed a gorgeous Englishman in a pretty blue dress carrying a matching parasol. Yummy, indeed!

I also had a date with a handsome German I met at B.E.D., and at the end, I gave him a teeny, tiny kiss.

But that’s as far as it will go, at least for now. And that’s okay.

It’s a beautiful, sexy step.

I’m free. I’m happy. I’m home, and I’m safe in BRC.


~ by omgrey on August 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Kisses on the Playa”

  1. Welcome home.

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