Burning Strong

20120901-112113.jpgI’ve healed more in the past week than I have in the past two months. Being here with my community is powerful. Friends and strangers alike have my back, and it’s such a refreshing change!

Not to mention conducive to healing.

Plus, volunteering with B.E.D. (Bureau of Erotic Discourse) has been wonderful! I’ve met even more supporters and survivors, alike! I assisted during one of their workshops, and I’m looking forward to facilitating them at regional burn events as well as when I travel & speak to sex-positive communities around the country & in Europe.

I’ve made some great connections with poly activists on both coasts, and they agree about the need for the conversation about predators infiltrating sex-positive communities and what to do (& how to recognize & prevent) sexual assault. I’ve also connected with burners and poly people in Europe to do the same.

It’s been amazing!!

Soon, I’ll be traveling the country telling my story and educating, and thereby protecting, communities about sexual assault, deepening true intimacy, and improving communication between partners.

I can wait.

I feel so alive and empowered! It’s do good to be back.


~ by omgrey on September 1, 2012.

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