Stalking at the Burn

Yesterday he found out where I was camping. He went down our road twice in a few hours. The second time I was alone, and he looked me right in the eyes and smirked.

It was the monster.

It was highly disturbing to look into the same eyes he used to establish false intimacy through sacred sexuality and rape my soul long before he raped my body.

It’s also been highly annoying.

I’ve seen him 5x in three days, much more than a coincidence out here on the playa. When you plan to meet people out here you can only find them about half the time.

No. Not a coincidence.

Now he knows where we live, and the cops know that he knows. The cops know what he’d done every calculated step of the way.

Still trying to intimidate me into silence. It won’t work. I’ll never be silent again.

~ by omgrey on September 3, 2012.

4 Responses to “Stalking at the Burn”

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