iTunes Podcast Fixed

A few days ago, a new listener brought something very important to my attention: iTunes was only showing the last 10 episodes of the Rowan of the Wood podcast [via Christine Rose]. Further research showed me at all 4 of my podcasts were only showing that last 10!

Not okay!

So, thanks to the great and speedy help of podcasting guru Tee Morris, I got that fixed. All four of my podcasts (Rowan of the Wood fiction podcast [as Christine Rose], Publishing & Marketing Realities podcast [as Christine Rose], Avalon Revisited fiction podcast , and the Polyamory podcast) should now be showing all episodes. Please contact me if they’re not.

Look for Avalon Revisited podcast Chapter 19 & 20 tomorrow!



Edit: I just got a message from a subscriber that told me by doing this fix he was flooded with 150 blog posts as a subscriber. My deepest apologies to subscribers via email who now have 150 posts in their inbox. I had no idea that would happen.

RSS subscribers hopefully didn’t have such a deluge all at once.

Again, my apologies!

~ by omgrey on September 9, 2012.

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