We Can Stop It!


Scotland recently started a new sexual assault/rape awareness campaign called “We Can Stop It.” It’s similar to the stateside campaign “Men Can Stop Rape.”

Both are utterly brilliant.

Finally, information based around “Don’t Rape” rather than “Don’t Get Raped.”

This is where it needs to be.

The site has a wonderful “Did you know?” section that talks about statistics of rape as well as clearing up many misconceptions, ending with “No matter what the circumstances are, sex without consent is rape. We can stop it.”

Even better, their “What can you do?” section talks about things each and ever person, especially men, can do to stop rape. #1 is take responsibility.

Damn. straight.

#2 Respect your sexual partner. Which, seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised. Or, maybe you wouldn’t. As the site says, “both partners should agree to it and be happy with it.” Which means if she’s crying her eyes out, not happy about it. If she’s frozen in fear, not happy about it.

I won’t go down the entire list, please go read it for yourself, but these are tips WE ALL can do, regardless of gender. Please take special note to #6: Be Supportive. That means not to shun, question the validity of, or victim-blame the wo/man who’s come forward, like my former community did. Like some of my former friends did.

Don’t be friends with rapists. Call them out. Hold them accountable.

It’s up to us. WE CAN STOP IT.

Learn what The R Word truly means and talk about it.

“Rape is a difficult subject to talk about but it’s only through raising awareness that attitudes will change.”

~ by omgrey on September 26, 2012.

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