Steampunk Spotlight: Eli August & The Abandoned Buildings

My talented friend and colleague, Eli August, is teaming up with The Abandoned Buildings for a new album, and they need your help. Similar to the popular Kickstarter fundraising program, Eli is raising funds through IndieGoGo, a fundraiser that will give whatever funds are raised to the artist, even if they don’t make their projected goal.

If you have never seen Eli August perform, you are truly missing out. He is one of my favorite Steampunk musicians, and I’ve had the great pleasure of hearing him perform both at The Steampunk World’s Fair and at Aetherfest.

A note from Eli, from their IndieGoGo campaign:

I have been playing and performing for going on eight years and I can say with all my heart that at this very moment I’m lucky enough to be in a group with some amazing musicians.  Everyone in the Abandoned Buildings brings something drastically different and nuanced to the musical table.

This album is important to me because it will symbolize the coming together of a group of people who may never have crossed paths if it were not for their love of music.  It’s doubly important, because we owe it to those like yourselves who listen, appreciate and add that fuel to our fire.

The perks available for donating to this fundraiser range from social media shout-outs to signed physical copies of this CD, as well as others, and ringtones…all the way to having a song written about you, private concerts, and choosing what facial hair the band wears for three months. That’s so much fun! Eli is well-known for his fuzzy mutton chops. Love it!



~ by omgrey on October 9, 2012.

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