Why I Do This.

These are some search terms people typed to find my blog that I see too too too often. Too often because it speaks to the huge number of people in pain out there.

This is why I write about my personal experiences publicly, not only to process and heal myself, but to give others the sense that they are not alone. When I see these search terms every. single. day. I know I’m not alone either.


  • ptsd emotionally alone
  • how to tell if u have a sexual predator online
  • flashbacks of abuse
  • signs of a sexual predator
  • in depth emotional abuse
  • running away from the feeling of breakup issues
  • ptsd from an emotionally abusive relationship
  • ptsd and emotional abuse symptoms
  • ethics of infidelity
  • do manipulative men go quiet after a breakup
  • do commitment phobes ever come back
  • ecstatic dance austin bad
  • austin poly rapist
  • how to break the betrayal/trauma bond
  • commitment phobic men play the victim
  • ptsd sudden abusive irrational enraged woman
  • what narcissists look for in women they prey on
  • why men run away from love
  • impact of family abandonment
  • panic attack from mental abuse/emotional abuse
  • narcissism predators
  • outing the name of rapist
  • when men prey on emotionally hurt women
  • still love my emotional abuser
  • love bombing manipulation
  • i was raped and can’t tell anyone
  • rape survivor
  • emotional rape ptsd
  • the horrific aftermath narcissistic abuse

Also, some very disturbing ones…

  • how to become a predator for women
  • lots of really nice rapists
  • i know i emotionally abuse my kids

And that’s just a sampling.

So, yes, this is why I do this.

~ by omgrey on October 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “Why I Do This.”

  1. All I can say is keep doing this. I originally came to this site to see about steampunk and related stuff, but you far outstrip what I thought I would find here. Most of us don’t have the courage to express openly the wounds we have gathered over the years, and I for one have found comfort in reading that I am not alone.

    You are a very beautiful, wonderful, talented lady. On the surface, no one would think that you have gone through any of what you write here; but reading your posts makes you human and not some unreachable bit of perfection that most of us wouldn’t dare reach. Your post make us feel for you and even though it hurts to read some of them, that hurt is the pain of a thorn being pulled out of us rather than letting it stay in and fester. You show us we are not alone! We don’t have to stay alone and scared in the dark. Its okay that we are not perfect and we can achieve something better in our lives!

    Pain is a very scary thing, but you show that it okay to let it show. You show us that a way to heal is to let it out and not just keep quiet. Society doesn’t want us to speak out, its wants us to stay mute and quiet and not rock the boat. You break that mold and prove that its okay to scream and bleed when we are wounded. Life is not perfect and it doesn’t have to be, but by God, it can be better than what we are dealt! You are proving this with every post.

    Please keep posting. Say what you feel. SHow your scars and show us that even though we have been hurt we can be beautiful as well.

    HUGS and more Hugs


    • Oh, Clint.

      This touched me so deeply. I’ve been at a loss as how to reply all morning. I woke up to this beautiful comment, and I can’t thank you enough for saying these words to me today.

      Hugs back to you, my dear. Thank you so so so so much.


  2. Abuse and rape by any name is reprehensible, the victims must live with the demons the rest of their lives. Although never a victim myself of these horrific violations. I still battle my own demons which live in the shadows of my own pain. Years ago I made a vow to stand up for those who can’t or won’t defend themselves. To this day I still follow that path, I applaud your courage and strength to openly discuss your own pain but your willingness to educate others. Your greatest beauty is truly from your heart.

    • I’m so happy to hear you’ve not experienced this kind of trauma, but I’m sorry to read you struggle with demons of your own. I suppose that’s the one thing that connects most people. Not only the demons, but how we deal with those demons. It’s what separates those with integrity and those without. Genuine and fake. Etc.

      Thank you for standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves. I applaud your work as well.

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