Steampunk Spotlight: eSteampunk with O. M. Grey

eSteampunk, the online magazine that published my short story “Dead Mule Crossing” last week, features me in an interview this week. Special thanks to eFiction and to Mandy Brown for all her help and consideration. Here is an excerpt:

O.M. Grey is a Steampunk writer, a Podcaster, and an avid blogger. Her short story, “Dead Mule Crossing,” appears in the October issue of eSteampunk, and we had the wonderful opportunity to interview her:

What was your first published piece?
“Of Aether and Aeon” was my first short story published in Steampunk Adventures. My first piece to appear in an anthology was ”Dead Mule Crossing,” Pill Hill Press’s When The West Was Wicked. It’s always a thrill to have my work accepted to appear in a publication, whether online or in print.

Which authors do you admire and why?
My favorite authors are Kurt Vonnegut and Margaret Atwood.

Vonnegut is pure genius. His wit. His voice. His plots and characters. I’ve read virtually everything he’s written, and he continues to be an inspiration to me as a writer.

Atwood is someone introduced to me just a few years ago, and I absolutely adore her for her political voice as well as her literary voice. She writes inspired prose that’s almost poetry to my eyes. I study her construction on sentences and how she reveals plot over and over, hoping some of her brilliance will one day find its way through my pen.

What are you currently reading, and what is on your to-read list?
I’m currently reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. Most of my reading over the past 8 months have been books such as this as well as books to help me understand with and cope with a significant loss and devastating trauma I survived near the start of 2012.

I hope to be reading more fiction again soon as my ability to focus and be productive returns. I have a long backlist of things to read, including works from my colleagues, like the sequel to Phoenix Rising, Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine’s The Janus Affair, and Lia Habel’s zombie romance, Dearly Departed.

Please read the rest of the interview at eSteampunk.

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