Steampunk Spotlight: Gearhearts IndieGoGo

Today’s spotlight shines on Gearhearts Steampunk Glamour Revue and their IndieGoGo campaign. Below is a guest post by editor Patricia Ash.


What’s Gearhearts?

We’re a Steampunk pinup magazine. A lavish Steampunk extravaganza. Gorgeous Steampunk models in intricate, neo-Victorian garb; reviews, interviews, artistic expressions, and even some prose thrown in for good measure. We’ve gotten to feature bestselling authors, renowned artists, and Steampunks from around the world.

If you haven’t picked up Issue Three, you need to. It features gorgeous pictures of and a scintillating interview with our favorite authoress, and one of the best short stories ever to appear in Gearhearts. Yes, this is her blog and I’m thrilled to write for it. Why do you ask?

Why the Indigogo?

We, the staff of Gearhearts, are fairly broke. We have mundane, underpaid day jobs if we’re lucky. It breaks our hearts that we are not able to pay our photographers and artists what they truly deserve. It saddens us that we cannot afford a web designer to bring you a glamorous website. It grieves us that we cannot get ourselves to the great Steampunk conventions of America. Thus the Indigogo. We are already working on a website that will feature exclusive pictorals and prose. We are designing and developing merchandise so we can fuel our convention attendance. We shall court photographers and artists to grace future issues of the magazine. The Indigogo is stoking the boilers of our progress. Please toss in a bit of coal (and by coal, I mean money).

Now, why on Earth should you help us?

Kismet. We have been so lucky in finding a gifted creative team willing to pitch in to give our fans cool things for helping us out. A phenomenal graphic designer is putting together everything from mini-buttons to shot glasses. Our gracious models will sign posters and postcards for our contributors. We plan to send hand-written thank you notes. Our web designer has created a special page to thank every one of our donors. One of the incredible artists we’ve met through producing this magazine has even donated prints of her work! One of our writers will write you (or a persona of your choosing) into a story with the serial adventuress Lucky K. Holliday. Everything in our worlds has come together to make this Indigogo project possible, which means the time to expand is NOW. The time to help is NOW. The time for Steampunk is NOW.

Every cent you give is a cent toward filling your life with the glamour and romance of Steampunk.

Patricia Ash is the Associate Editor and Staff Writer of Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue. She loves words, yarn, Steampunk, and cats. Follow her misadventures at


Be sure to order your copy of Issue 3, featuring ME on the Antarctic Press site, and do donate to their IndieGoGo campaign. To sweeten the pot, if you pledge at the $500 level “Aren’t You Lucky?” or the $1000 level, I will write a short story starring YOU! You can choose whether to be the protagonist or antagonist, erotic or adventure or both!

However, you need not pledge that much to help and get some really great goodies! Check it out now! Tell your friends! Pledge today and keep the elegance and glamour of Steampunk alive.


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