OMG 2012 BT: Bitten By Books & KINDLE Giveaway!

Join me today over at my favorite paranormal review site Bitten By Books where you could win a KINDLE and this adorable baby Cthulhu, handmade by me!

Rachel and the entire staff over at Bitten By Books have always been so wonderful to work with. When I was on my Steampunk Convention tour in 2011-2012, one of the lovelies from Bitten By Books had a special treat waiting for me in my hotel room. It made my entire stay.

As promised over at Bitten By Books, here is the excerpt from the Wayward Victorian’s Tumblr post on “Mental Illness During The Victorian Era.” Interesting reading!

Hysteria and the Wondering Womb

The idea of the Wondering Womb developed during this time, as madness was associated with menstruation, pregnancy, and the menopause. The womb itself was deemed to wander throughout the body, acting as an enormous sponge which sucked the life-energy or intellect from vulnerable women? (Ussher 74). Thus, women became synonymous with madness, as they were deemed to be emotional and unstable. If a woman of the Victorian era were subject to an outburst (due to discontentment or repression), she would be deemed mad. The word Hysteria became the general term for women with mental illness and cures included bed rest, seclusion, bland food, refrain from mental activities (such as reading), daily massage, and sensory depravation. Though these treatments do not seem too appalling, they were comparable to solitary confinement and would often drive a woman to further insanity.

Anorexia- The Fasting Girls

Anorexia, though prominent for many years prior, was officially recognized as a diseaase in 1873 (Ussher 77).It flourished during the nineteenth century as women wished to exemplify their femininity. In denying food, a woman could truly be passive and become a weightless accessory for her husband. The physical and spiritual ideal of anorexia also became a status symbol for many women. Working class women had to eat in order to have energy to work. Thus, only middle to upper class women could afford to be anorexic. Cures included being admitted to an asylum where women rested and were excessively fed.


The idea of nymphomania developed during the Victorian era. One-third of all patients in Victorian asylums suffered from this mental illness. It was described as an irresistible desire for sexual intercourse and a “female pathology of over-stimulated genitals” (Goldberg 80). Nymphomania included much more than a simple sexual drive, however, as it was also associated with a loss of sanity. It was described as an “illness of sexual energy levels gone awry, as well as the loss of control of the mind over the body” (Goldberg 86) and included women who allowed their bodies to become subject to uncontrollable movement as nymphomaniacs “threw themselves to the floor, laughed, danced, jumped, lashed out, smashed objects, tore their clothes, grabbed at any man who came before her” (Goldberg 89). It was also believed that those who suffered from this madness would, without treatment, eventually become a raving maniac, robbed over her mind (Goldberg 87). A woman could be placed in an asylum for nymphomania if she was promiscuous, bore illegitimate children, was a victim of an assault or rape, was caught masturbating, or suffered from man-craziness, a term used during this time period to describe flirtatiousness. When a woman was brought to the asylum, she was subject to a pelvic exam where the doctor claimed she had an enlarged clitoris the size of a penis. Upon later inspection if the clitoris had returned to its normal size, she would be released and deemed cured. Cures for nymphomania included separation from men, bloodletting, induced vomiting, cold douches over the head, warm douches over the breasts, leeches, solitary confinement, strait-jackets, bland diet, and occasional clitorectomies. 

Read the rest of “Mental Illness During The Victorian Era” on The Wayward Victorian’s Tumblr blog. Then, like and reblog the post. Please, do follow The Wayward Victorian and me, SteampunkGrey, on Tumblr, as well.

So go on over to Bitten By Books and enter to with this amazing Amazon KINDLE and my amigurumi baby Cthulhu.

There are lots of ways to enter. The simplest way is to just leave a comment over on the giveaway post, but you can enter again and again and again to increase your chances of winning! The ways to do this are explained over at Bitten By Books and done through Rafflecopter, but examples are sharing on social networks and purchasing books. There is no purchase necessary, of course, and there are many ways to enter without buying a thing. In fact, go straight to Rafflecopter to access the entry form, if you’d like.

However, the holiday season is coming up, and what better gift for the reader in your life than an author-signed book?

Just saying.


Join me tomorrow….

Tuesday, November 27: Straight From Hel

Gothic Victorian Holiday Giveaway
Win an author signed copy of all three of my titles
Avalon Revisited, The Zombies of Mesmer, and Caught in the Cogs
PLUS a golden Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion, handmade by me
Gift wrapped, Victorian Style
Adorned with a wax seal & handmade gift tag
Ready to put under the tree for your favorite adult reader

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  1. I ❤ your Cthulhus! (what is the plural of Cthulhu??) Makes me wish I was better at following patterns 😛

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